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"Kien is a major new voice."

-Colin Clarke, Fanfare Magazine

"Soft, almost hushed string tremolos work behind the harp, along with sprinkles from triangle and other similar percussion, as Kien creates a unique soundscape that captivates listeners and sucks them in. And here Kien manages to keep her balancing act up for nearly 20 minutes! Her ear for color is extraordinary: listen to the way she uses the lower reed instruments or sometimes maintains a thread of music with the barest of orchestration...This is fascinating music...The motoric shifts in accent, tempo and meter between the different sections of the orchestra have a very specific function in her scores and, by extension, a very specific emotional impact on the listener."

-Lynn René Bayley, Art Music Lounge

“An outstanding CD of music by a fascinating young composer…The idiom of these orchestral works is undoubtedly and unabashedly modern, but with moments of particular beauty. I look forward to hearing more of her work: she has something very distinctive to say.”

-Michael Wilkinson, Musicweb International


"A potentially unsettling but also delightfully confusing vitality which Kien captures with impeccable artistic configuration.”
-Martin Nyström, Dagens Nyheter

“Molly Kien composes ethereally shimmering program music based on moods rather than happenings.”
-Johanna Paulsson, Opus

“..calm and dream-like, bordering on transcendental.”
-Lennart Bromander, Aftonbladet

“Kien is a talented, creative composer, who is at her best when she she cultivates an idea and explores it until it is exhausted.”
-Sofia Lilly Jönsson, Svenska Dagbladet

“This explosive but oddly restrained tug-of-war between a chaotic and a shaping force—as if monitored from inside the human body—is among the most earth-shaking I have heard in Swedish orchestral music from the 21st century.”
-Tobias Lund, Sydsvenskan


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